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Welcome to Brightcom International FZE

Founded in year 2000, Brightcom International Company is one of the main multi-disciplined systems integrators in the United Arab Emirates.

Brightcom International works with its clients though a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today's technologies, and a mature, highly capable delivery and services infrastructure. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

Brightcom International is aggressively focused on staying at the pinnacle of the system integration industry, and is undoubtedly a leading player in Security Systems, Telecommunications and IT Solutions. Brightcom has the capability to execute large and complex projects and is completely geared up to provide turnkey solutions from start to finish with flair.

Our strength vests in in-house intellectual talent, expert teams with an emphasis on Next Generation technology and huge infrastructure. Our competencies would best be described by the vast industry segments we cater to, be it finance, healthcare, education, government, non-governmental organizations, energy and utilities, the hospitality industry, etc. A perfect blend of technology fused with customization, and innovation with intellectual talent - that's precisely what Brightcom is all about!

Contact Us

Brightcom International UAE
P.O.Box 4196, Ajman UAE

Phone : +971- 6-7424309
Mob : +971- 50- 1728861
Fax : +971-6-7424903


Brightcom Solutions

  • Network Performance Monitoring Solution
  • FTTH Solution
  • Indoor & Outdoor Coverage Solution
  • Digital Trunking Radio System

International Projects

  • VSAT Based GSM Network
  • Provision of Satellite Spare Parts
  • IPBX Based Telecom solution
  • Installation and commissioning of RBS, BTS and towers
  • Installation and commissioning of RBS, BTS and towers
  • VOIP based telecom solution